Organisation and facilitation of conferences and workshops

FEAL provides facilitation services to design and implement participatory methodologies and collective intelligence to mobilise the strengths of the group(s) of  participants.

These participatory techniques can help in various contexts: strategic planning, change management, stake holder engagement, foresight, conflits management, …)

Conflict management related to environmental issues 

FEAL provides mediation services to support conflict management strategies.In conflict management processes, FEAL analyses relevant stakeholders and proposes adapted methodologies to engage conflict actors in developing a strategy to manage the conflict. (e.g. Large carnivores regional platforms in Europe)

Inter- and trans- disciplinary project design

FEAL can help you develop inter- and trans- disciplinary proposals and implement research projects by supporting collaborative work and developing joint and codeveloped approaches.

Training and support to explore Science-Society-Policy Interface (SPI) activities in your research project

(proposal or project implementation phases)

Design and facilitation of SPI workshops, development of communication tools and activities in support of SPI actions and adapted to target audiences  (e.g. Policy briefs)

Identification, analysis and engagement of stakeholders

In support of research projects related to environmental questions, FEAL provides services in the identification and engagement of the relevant stakeholders.

Project and programme Monitoring & Evaluation

FEAL provides high quality independant M&E following formal evaluation framework and CAD OECD criteria. FEAL adapts and implements for example the facilitation techniques and principles of Theory of Change to analyse interventions impact.