Projet TRANSFORM: quel futur pour l’agriculture dans un contexte de préoccupations environnementales?

Agriculture, Facilitation, mediation, Science Policy Interface

Le projet de recherche TRANSFORM est mené par une équipe de chercheurs du centre INRAE de Bourgogne Franche-Comté (UMR Agroécologie) afin d’explorer les transformations nécessaires du monde agricole face au changement climatique, aux pollutions croissantes et aux conflits qui y sont liés. J’ai eu le plaisir et le défi d’animer les ateliers de dialogue sur […]

23 May 2022

Biodiversity & Pandemics: Exploring Post-covid knowledge needs across sectors

Biodiversity, Science Policy Interface

In April 2022, I  facilitated a focus group for Eklipse, an amazing mechanism to mobilise the scientific community to provide best available knowledge to answer questions relevant to policy makers. This focus group  explored which topic will be tackled by an Eklipse expert working group to produce a relevant synthesis of current available knowledge […]

22 April 2022

What is facilitation?

Facilitation, General Information

There are lots of definitions of facilitation ( My favorite one is: “Facilitation is a process in which the parties (usually a group), with the assistance of a neutral third party (the facilitator), identify problems to be solved, tasks to be accomplished or disputed issues to be resolved. Facilitation may conclude there, or it may […]

6 August 2018

Introduction to FEAL

General Information

I launched my company FEAL after more than 15 years working at the interface between Science and Policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services. My goal is to continue working at the SPI to contribute to better informed decisions on environmental issues. I am a professional facilitator and I am in particular promoting the use of […]

16 March 2018